Next Generation
Emergency Networks.

Evolution is here & now

Most communication networks have evolved from niche proprietary technologies to open standardized ecosystems. It is time now for this revolution to arrive to emergency networks.


13.3 complete set of traces available!!!!

The Nemergent initiative moves forward fostering the awareness and technical knowledge on MCPTT by providing real traces of latest version of 3GPP TS. More specifically, in NEMERGENT traces URL you can find 13.3 (Dec 2016) updated figures extracted from actual network pcacp of Nemergent Solutions (C) MCPTT ASs and UEs covering not only private and group calling, but also location, affiliation and MB2C-MB2U and Rx interface.

February 16th, 2017

MCPTT dissector upgraded

We have upgraded our MCPTT wireshark dissector with MB2-C and MCCP related decoding capabilities.
More info in our blog.

November 4th, 2016

MCPTT plugtest series: Chapter 1

Frantic activity in 3GPP led to a frozen Release 13 in March 2016. Although since then there have been reviews and minor changes in some protocols the MCPTT is gaining definitively momentum and most industry and stakeholders are working on first implementations.

Businesswoman writing the word standards against white background with vignette

As a result, first MCPTT plugtest has been recently announced to be hosted by ETSI in SofĂ­a-Antipolis in June 2017.
More info in 1st MCPTT plugtest.
Nemergent has soon enrolled since interoperability is a key part of our Vision

November 4th, 2016

Nemergent Pillars.

Device evolution.

Smartphones meet Public Safety

Efficient response to emergency situations demand enhance communications capabilities, beyond Mission Critical Voice. Envisioned framework will provide different stakeholders with suitable tools for each job.

New operation models.

Economical and technical constraints demand highly flexible deployment options. Therefore, not only private and owned-spectrum options but hybrid models need to be addressed.

Cloud ready.

Most Information and Communications technologies have already migrated to cloudified solutions due to their flexibility, scalability and several market drivers: time for emergency networks to evolve.

Unleashing technologies.

Open interfaces, open standards, open platforms

Emergency networks have traditionally suffered from interoperability issues due to incompatible technologies. Broad use of standardized 4G technologies have shift this paradigm to actual open ecosystems.

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