The philosophy.

We don't believe in

  • Security through obscurity
  • Proprietary technologies

We believe in

  • Open Standards
  • Open interfaces
  • Open Systems

Our mission

In the dawn of the next generation emergency communications era, the nemergent initiative has identified a series of working areas in order to benefit a smooth but quick transition from legacy solutions.

Emergency professionals require the access to early solutions, in order to get used to the new ways of emergency management technologies.

Solution providers will benefit from an open testing framework, in order to accelerate the time to market in the foreseen new multi-vendor ecosystem, which will include dedicated equipment but especially software-based apps and network functions.

The transition and coexistence between the current and the next generation emergency communications systems will benefit of open interoperable solutions.

Emergency operations and control room professionals would benefit from higher level of homogenization and enhanced integration (e.g., between NG112/NG911 and NGPS technologies).