The Team.

Who is behind?

We are a group of enthusiasts, with broad experience in IT and convergent communications. Being aware of the barriers in the development of interoperable emergency communications solutions, the nemergent initiative emerged as a working group that provides a stable development and testing environment and that opens the outcomes of previous experiences to interested third parties.

We are not evangelist of any particular product or technology, but try to provide an as-unbiased-as-possible view to current status and foreseen evolution of emergency communications.

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What we offer

Our target is to make a series of services and products available to the emergency communications community.

The nemergent initiative offers:

  • A permanent testing framework, aimed at fostering conformance and interoperability tests related to NG112/NG911 and NGPS developments and products. The nemergent testing framework follows the philosophy of NENA NG911 ICE events and ETSI/EENA NG112 plugtests. A similar philosophy is proposed for NGPS, taking the 3GPP MCPTT solution as a basis.
  • Access to functional network nodes that make up the core of the NG112/NG911 and NGPS systems. To promote contributions from third parties, different accessibility flavors are considered, including open source (download, modify, use and share), open access (download and use) and open use (based on cloud instantiations).
  • Expertise and support on the different next generation emergency communications systems and protocols, aimed at accelerating the development of core nodes and external applications by third parties.

If you are interested in participating in conformance / interoperability tests, in contributing new / accessing available software nodes or any kind of commercial support, please:

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